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Know anyone who needs a website?

We’ll give you £50 for any successful referrals.

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We will take an in-depth look at your businesses current online visibility and anaylise how well you are doing at presenting your business in an online format, giving you suggestions one where to improve.

Our reports are split into two sections, the first section looks at your current online visibility.  Looking at how well you are connecting with your customers and meeting your business aims, the second section of the report looks at ways you can improve your online visibility.  Giving you unique suggestions to fit your business aims.

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Complete Marketing Consultants has a team of web designers who are able to build your dream website, we create all manner of websites, from small informational websites to fully fledged eCommerce sites.

We use the most upto date software and equipment, guaranteeing that your website is as advanced as it possibly can be for as long as it can be.  We also make sure that you are happy with the end result by maintain contact through the time your with us.

We will even show you everything you need to know encase you decide to maintain your website yourself.

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Our content creation service is where we design and create digital material that can be used on almost all digital platforms such as websites, social media and online advertising.  This is what makes your site unique from the competition.

We are able to create and design beautiful looking content that will impress not only you, but your clients too.

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Social media has created a new way for you to connect with your customers.  Social media has made it easier for you to find your customers and them to find you.  Having an advanced social media can rapidly boost visibility to potential customers.  Customers have the ability to talk about your business with one another.  It has become the new word of mouth.  And for small to medium businesses.  Word of mouth is their main source of customers.

We are able to manage and maintain a strong social media presence, making sure you are constantly visible and seen in a positive light.

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Search Engine Optermisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of tweaking websites and other online platforms that you have so that they appear higher in the search results made by your potential customers.  This helps to maximise the number of visitors on your websites, increasing the chances of a sales.

Search engines are having a massive impact on how you do business. They are becoming the way your customers find you and if you’re not there you could be losing sales.

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